Accelerator of Trust,

CNTTech has Built a leading position in Korea’s accelerator and,
in partnership with startups, grows and creates values in its portfolio companies for 10 years

  • Founded in 2003, CNTTech has been actively taking the lead in discovering, nurturing, and investing in startups since 2012.

  • The advantage of CNTTech, a leading venture-type accelerator, is that, at the same time as investment, CNT Tech provides realistic help to startups such as technical support and marketing through B2B business infrastructure in 7 countries.

  • 25/4,000/260

    It is not an exaggeration to say that it is currently in charge of a part of the Korean early corporate investment market with over 4,000 startups, 260 investment portfolios, and 25 exits.

5G era!
Fast accelerator,

CNT Tech's startup investments are fast, honest, and humble.
  • If you would like to invest in CNTTech, please send the free-form business plan used by each company to
    The CNT Tech Accelerating Team responds within 48 hours and conducts IR every week.
    You can have an IR meeting within a week of applying.

  • The atmosphere of an IR meeting is never overbearing. It is done in the form of having a conversation with coffee as if meeting a friend. And all IR meetings are directly attended by the CEO. Because all startups are precious.

  • All IR meetings at CNTTech are fun and moving.
    If you want to work with CNT Tech, the fastest, kindest and most reliable accelerator in Korea, do not hesitate to send us your business plan. We will be your best friend towards success.

CNTTech Accelerating 2.0

In the second half of 2019, we introduce CNT Tech Accelerating 2.0.
In the past, it was a method of incubating selected startups and then making an investment decision,
but the newly launched CNTTech Accelerating 2.0 is a form of 5G ultra-high stone investment.
Because the opinions of my friends asked for money first. In the future, Jeonhwaseong's Adventure will be operated in the form of yearly investment company rider management rather than incubator. As an accelerator, CNTTech will continue to expand investment capital and lead the global market with new solutions for startups to successfully settle in the market and advance their business.